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Upholstry FabricsIluvfabrix sells the "best of the best" of the world's upholstry fabrics. All our upholstry fabrics are treated in the factory to withstand stains and general abuse. Our upholstry fabrics come from the finest mills throughout the world. Generally they are produced in Europe by companies that have been weaving upholstry fabrics since well before the turn of the century. There can be quite a lot of variability between different manufacturers of upholstry fabric, and you only have to touch the upholstry fabric you purchase from iluvfabrix to see the difference between ours (the best of the best), and all the rest.

The Upholstry Fabric we sell is designed by the most talented fabric designers in the world who have skills designing the latest in upholstry fabric handed down from generation to generation. Though generally referred to as upholstry fabric, this fabric would, in many cases, be ideal for draperies, valences, headboards, pillows and a thousand other high end items for your home. The names represented in our Upholstry Fabric lineup are Scalamandre, Colefax & Fowler, Cowtan & Tout, Bennison, Brunschwig & Fils and many, many more. Sofa fabric is supposed to be beautiful. Sofa fabric is supposed to be soft and compliant and our sofa fabric stands head and shoulders above the fabric mass produced by lesser manufacturers. Please compare the upholstry fabrics woven by lesser manufacturers to those Upholstry Fabrics carried by iluvfabrix………the difference is unbelievable.

One generally finds upon close examination of our sofa fabric that the fibers are very densely packed together and the fabric is generally more robust than those produced by lesser manufacturers. Sofa FabricThis is fabric upholstry is covered with in the finest of residences. This is fabric upholstry that appears in the best of magazines is covered with. This is the fabric upholstry that lasts virtually forever is covered with. Just touch some of our sofa fabric and you will be amazed at the quality. If you want fabric upholstry that is featured in the top design magazines is done with, look no further than our Upholstry Fabric at iluvfabrix.

You can be completely confident that any Sofa Fabric you purchase from iluvfabrix is of the highest possible quality. We stock only the finest Upholstry Fabric available on a worldwide scale. Iluvfabrix is your choice for the best of the best in Upholstry Fabric.

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