Lovely Floral Tapestry


Name: Lovely Floral Tapestry
Product #: tap9595005B
Width: 54.00
Avail. yardage: 43.00
Minimum order: 1.00 yard(s)
Regular price: $399.75 per yard
Reduced by: 85.00%
Sale price: $59.96 per yard
Shipping discount: Ground shipping FREE.
Sale ends in: 4 days

This is a wonderful floral tapestry fabric in beautiful, rich colors, and a chosen complement to the fabric of the same number without the "B" on the end of its ID number. This fabric is soft to the touch but wears like iron and is perfect for the making of a sofa, big sinky chair, drapes, etc. in a very active home. This fabric will withstand a ton of use and still look like new. Use it in the same room as its complementary fabric. Make one a sofa, the other the ottoman, or pillows or drapes. Guaranteed gorgeous! PLEASE NOTE: MINIMUM PURCHASE 10 YARDS, DELIVERY 2-3 WEEKS.

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