To Those of You Who Are on the iluvfabrix Site Every Day....And There Are a Lot of You!!

Hello Everybody: I am the designer of the iluvfabrix web site. I have conceived all the useful features of the site. I am writing this to let you know that the web site is being rewritten from the ground up to make it even more functional on new handheld computers such as cell phones, (like iPhones or Android phones), tablet computers and desktop computers.

It will have all the functionality of the current site though you will find the functions a little easier to find and use. The pictures will be bigger when you enlarge them and it will have a number of new features which will make the site a delight to use. The pictures of the upholstery fabric or drapery fabric you choose, some of which have very subtle patterns, will be infinitely easier to see.

The one addition which I am most excited about is a feature which will let you pick a number of fabrics, meaning for example an upholstery fabric for your sofa, a complementary fabric for your chairs and drapery fabric for your windows, and actually get those fabrics to superimpose themselves on top of your actual furniture.

First you will go through the site and pick some selections of upholstery fabric, drapery fabric etc., and place them in a Favorites box. You will then take a picture or use the process on an image you have previously shot, or use it live whereby you look at your room through the viewfinder of your phone's camera, and see the pieces you wish to reupholster. Then the new software will superimpose the fabrics you chose for each piece of furniture on top of the live images of your sofa, drapes, chairs etc, thereby giving you a real life viewing of how the fabric you chose will look on the actual objects.

As you might imagine, this is a very complex feature for our software engineers to write and this plus all the other parts of the rewrite will take some time to finish. Some upholstery fabrics have very subtle patterns and they are paying particular attention to making sure the images of the upholstery fabric and the drapery fabric are 100% accurate..

They have already begun the project and we expect the new site to go live in about six months, maybe a bit sooner.

We will send a Newsletter when the new iteration of the site is about to go live with news of special discounts, sales and giveaways.

We are incredibly excited about how our rewritten site will look and function and we hope you get as much enjoyment shopping the site as we have had in conceiving its new features, AND dont worry. About 99% of the site will function exactly the same as the site you are used to, so there will be a negligible learning curve, if even any at all. That is in fact one of the priorities....we are writing the new site so that you can open it up and it will be so easy to use and the controls so obvious, you can start browsing and shopping right away with no delay.

We will keep you posted on the progress. This will be a revolutionary way to choose and purchase your new upholstery fabric, drapery fabric, and fabric for any other item you have in your home.