Our latest additions to the site are about 25 brand new velvet fabrics in brand new modern colors, ideal for use as upholstery fabric. Upholstery fabric can be many types of fabric and is not by any means limited to velvets, but the simple fact is that really beautiful velvet can be used for upholstery fabric or drapery fabric or bedding fabric, and it really lends itself to a very modern look or a classical look depending on the type of upholstery or drapery you use this fabric on. In other words, it is very versatile.

There are a few other types of upholstery fabric and drapery fabric that can similarly be used to a very modern effect or a traditional effect depending on the style of the sofa, loveseat or drapery that you make with it, but one of the most useful is tapestry fabric.

It is always best to get the opinion of a professional before spending your hard earned money on upholstery fabric that, once it is made into the the project you purchased it for, it doesn't have the right look. This can be fixed by having the decorator add the right trim, the right throw pillows and other tricks of the trade. employs a Full Time High End Decorator to advise ALL our customers for FREE on the upholstery fabric or drapery fabric they should purchase, BEFORE they make their purchase. She works for Full Time and is here five days a week.

I don't know of ANY other fabric company that employs a Full Time decorator expressly for the purpose of helping their customers for free, and that is one of the things that sets a mile above the rest.

So, if you find yourself ready to buy your upholstery fabric, give us a call at 915 587 0200 or an email at and ask for Michelle, she will be happy to provide all the help you need in purchasing your upholstery fabric and, again, it is totally FREE OF CHARGE.